Why Cube Is an Essential Household Item

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By Deb Powers

“You’ll wonder how you lived without it!” How many times have you heard that line about the newest tech gadget on the market? This time you can believe it, because Cube Tracker really lives up to the hype. Not only will it help you keep track of all your essential household items, it will become one of your most essential household items. Check out all these ways the Cube Tracker can help simplify your life.

Cube Helps You Reclaim Your Time

Lots of gadgets promise that they’ll save you time, but Cube Tracker delivers on that promise. Think about how many minutes you spend each day hunting for your car keys, your phone, that perpetually AWOL remote control. Those minutes add up—and way too often they snowball into much more serious problems. Misplaced car keys may be a minor annoyance on most days, but imagine how much worse that would be on the day of your big job interview. Attach a Cube to your key fob, the remote control or any other essential household items that habitually go missing and you’ll never have to turn the whole house upside down to find them again.

Cube Will Lead You to Your Lost Phone

One of the cool things about the Cube is that it also works in reverse: You can use your Cube to find your phone, even if it’s set on vibrate or silent, and even if the app is closed on your phone. Just press the button on the Cube and your phone will ring, vibrate and flash its photo strobe to help you locate it.

Cube Won’t Let You Leave It Behind

Turn on the Cube Tracker leash alarm, and it won’t let you leave home without it. Or leave it at the office. Or forget it when you leave the party. You’ll really appreciate this feature if you’ve ever found yourself standing in the checkout line only to realize your wallet is sitting on your dresser at home or you made it all the way to work without your security badge. If your phone moves out of the tracker’s Bluetooth range, your phone will ring, vibrate and flash to let you know you’re forgetting something.

Cube Will Tell You Where You Left It — Or Where It Is

Ever get home from running a bunch of errands and realize that your house keys aren’t in your bag? Without Cube, that could mean retracing your steps through half a dozen stores or calling Lyft drivers until you track them down. If they’re tagged with a Cube tracker, though, you can open the app on your phone and check to see the last place your key tracker was connected to its Bluetooth. Even better, if you turn on the crowdfinder feature, the entire Cube network of connected users will be helping you find them. You’ll get an alert any time another Cube-connected device connects to it letting you know where it is now.

Where Can You Use a Cube?

The better question is: “Where can’t you use it?” The Cube Tracker is slim, lightweight and—honestly?—pretty sleek and sexy. The low profile of the Shadow Cube Tracker makes it ideal for tucking inside your wallet/card case or sticking on the back of your tablet, laptop or the elusive remote control. If it’s one of your essential survival items, you can tag it with a Cube Tracker.

Of course, its uses aren’t confined to your household gadgets and essential items. Cube users are endlessly inventive; one Amazon reviewer even uses it to keep track of where their Bengali cat goes wandering.

Say “Cheese!”

The Cube Tracker also has a handful of other neat features that make it even more attractive. It has a range of up to 200 feet, and battery life of up to 1 year if in use or 2 years if inactive. Even better, you can replace the battery yourself—and it even comes with a spare battery. The high-end Shadow model features a rechargeable battery, louder alarms and a wider connected range.  Finally, one of the features that’s pure cool factor: You can use your Cube as a shutter trigger for taking selfies, even if your phone is locked.

The bottom line is this: You can live without a Cube Tracker, but once you use it and realize just how easy it makes your life, you won’t want to give it up. Grab a Cube Tracker for those essential survival items you can’t afford to lose, and you’ll agree that it’s one accessory you really do need in your life.



Deb Powers is a freelance writer and social media consultant who has been writing about media and technology since the iPhone was just a glimmer in Steve Jobs’ imagination. She’s an early adopter and loves tech gadgets that actually make life easier.