5 College Student Gifts They’ll Really Love

Deb Powers

College is the start of a new adventure, and just like any adventure, it pays to be prepared for any situation. College freshmen in particular can use all the help they can get in adjusting to their new environment and tackling new challenges. This list of college gift ideas is full of gifts that make college life a little bit easier and a lot more fun.

The Gift of Power — Portable Battery Packs/Chargers

Nothing grinds your life to a standstill like a dead battery. The best phone, the perfect tablet and killer speakers are useless if the battery’s out of juice. The solution? A spare power source that can double your phone’s battery life and power other electronic devices when there’s no outlet nearby. PCMag lays out the pros and cons and reviews the top portable battery packs for 2019 to help you pick the best one for your college freshman.

The Gift of Party — Bluetooth Speakers

Amazon Echo and Google Home may be tearing up the smart speaker market, but Bluetooth wireless speakers still have a distinct advantage: They let you take the party wherever you want to go. Check out this list at Wired.com for inspiration and pick out a gift your college student will definitely use.

The Gift of Peace and Quiet — Noise Canceling Headphones

Of all the trials and tribulations of college life, noisy roommates are among the least remarked and most likely to seriously damage grades and quality of life. That’s what puts noise-canceling headlines on the top five list of best gifts for college freshmen. They’re the ideal solution to snoring roommates, chatty cafeteria pals and the party down the hall. TechRadar lists their top picks, complete with reviews and ratings.

The Gift of Good Food — Instant Pot

Forget instant soup and ramen noodles cooked up in an electric tea kettle. Doesn’t your college freshman deserve better? Instant Pot packs an entire kitchen full of gadgets into one little appliance, and it’s practically foolproof. It even has special sensors to prevent it from overcooking, overheating or—the ultimate disaster—exploding all over the dorm room. Go for the 3-quart mini version, which is just the right size to cook for two people, and include a printed copy of this awesome Instant Pot College Cookbook from The Typical Mom blog.

The One Gift to Find Them All — Cube Tracker

What’s a major time waster—and security threat—for the average college student? Without evidence to back it up, it’s a fair bet that losing things is near the top of the list. Lost dorm keys not only lock you out of your room; they can put your college kid at risk for theft or worse. And that lost backpack could mean bye-bye to your laptop, your expensive textbooks and your study notes—not to mention the disaster of a lost smartphone.

That’s why Cube Tracker rounds out the list of top five gifts for college students. Not only will it help locate those lost keys, backpack or anything else vital, it even works in reverse to help you locate your misplaced phone.

College can be a challenge in more ways than one. These gifts can help any college student get past the initial challenges and take full advantage of all the awesome opportunities of dorm and college life.







Deb Powers is a freelance writer and social media consultant who has been writing about media and technology since the iPhone was just a glimmer in Steve Jobs’ imagination. She’s an early adopter and loves tech gadgets that actually make life easier.