Five Perfect Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts

valentines gifts for the tech lover.jpeg

By Deb Powers

Valentine’s Day and technology may not seem like a natural fit, but when the love of your life also has an ongoing romance with the latest tech trends, high-tech gadgets can make their heart flutter. Check out these creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the tech lover in your life.

Two Hearts, One Beat With Headphone Splitters

AirPods may be cool, but as Mashable’s Nicole Gallucci points out, they can’t match the sweet romance of sharing a pair of wired headphones. If you love the idea of being (literally) wired together, these adorable headphone splitters give you just a little more distance while still keeping you in sync with your partner’s beat. The tiny molded heart—available in three colors—hangs on your keychain so it’s available whenever you want to share a romantic musical moment with that special someone.

Share the Power With Dual Charging Cables

Netflix and chill turned into breakfast in bed, but now you’ve got two phones that need charging and just one charger. That’s not a problem with this heartwarming dual heart charging cable from Kikkerland Design. It’s available in dual lightning connectors or with one lightning connector and one micro-USB cable for “mixed relationships.”

Keep Love Strong With Fitness Trackers

Nothing says “I love you” like getting and staying healthy together, and fitness trackers can help get you both on track to hit your health goals. You can set goals to work at together, or—if you’ve got a bit of competitive spirit in your relationship—challenge each other to push yourselves to new fitness limits. Check out this roundup of affordable fitness trackers at TechRadar for a great selection of Valentine’s Day tech gifts to choose from.

Keep Track of Their Heart

You may not be able to tag your feelings, but you can give your love a way to track just about anything else in their life.  The Cube Tracker is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the tech lover who loses track of their gadgets. You can save them all the precious minutes they would lose looking for misplaced key fobs, phones and just about anything else they can’t live without—including you.

Old School Romance With a New Twist

Revive the mixtape with a tech twist: Create a Spotify playlist for all your special moments. Couple it with a Spotify Premium gift subscription and you can keep the romance going all year long. Want to make a real statement? Spring for Spotify Family Premium and you can have shared playlists as well as your individual ones.

Don’t believe the myth that technology and romance are incompatible. The best romantic gifts are the ones that make your partner happy, and each of these Valentine’s Day tech gift ideas will do exactly that for your lovable techie.


Deb Powers is a freelance writer and social media consultant who has been writing about media and technology since the iPhone was just a glimmer in Steve Jobs’ imagination. She’s an early adopter and loves tech gadgets that actually make life easier.