5 Ways to Meet Your New Neighbors

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We love making new friends- but who doesn’t? It’s even better when your friends live a few doors down from your house! When a new family moves into your neighborhood, introductions may be tough, but here are a few ways to blossom new friendships in your community.  

A Simple Hello

A simple hello can go a long way. It’s an excellent icebreaker for meeting your new neighbors. This will give your neighbors a good first impression of you and your family. And, who doesn’t love seeing a smile and friendly face in an unfamiliar place? 

Deliver Baked Goods

Everyone loves a yummy dessert. Take the simple hello a step further and offer your neighbors a warm plate of baked brownies or cookies. This will serve as a great conversation starter and they may even return the favor later on. As a precaution, be sure to mention the ingredients in the baked goods just in case they have any food allergies. (But bonus points if you deliver gluten-free and old fashioned.)

Lend a Helpful Hand

Moving is an extremely hard, stressful and tiring task. Lending a helpful hand to your new neighbors will be an excellent way to introduce yourself and allow you to get to know them better. This can be as simple as offering to carry a few boxes into their new home. Your new neighbors will be appreciative of your help and it is a perfect way to establish yourself as a friendly and supportive neighbor.

Create a Homemade Housewarming Gift Basket

Remember that moving is a tough task. Your new neighbors may not have everything they need to make their house feel like home- and they're probably exhausted. What better way to jumpstart this and a new friendship than offering them a homemade housewarming gift basket? This gift basket may include cooking items, items for cleaning, and of course, a Cube! Cube Tracker will serve as a wonderful gift as it will allow your new neighbors to keep track of their valuable items during the move- as well as find their new house keys. Your new neighbors will be so grateful for you and this handy gift!

Host a Neighborhood Party

Our last suggestion for meeting your new neighbors is hosting neighborhood party. It's the perfect way to get acquainted with your new neighbors, allow them to meet others in your community, and have fun doing so. Appetizers, wine, and games will be great additions to this party!

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