11 Ways to Improve Yourself


Pick up a new hobby

Whether it be reading, trying out a new sport, musical instrument, or even something simple like cooking, try something new that can stimulate some physical, emotional, or mental activity. When your mind is open, you're more likely to progress.

Make your days more productive

Get up a little earlier or make a to-do list to organize your day. Do whatever you need to motivate yourself to accomplish tasks throughout each day, like time blocking. Once you do so, you’ll feel so much better and realize you can do anything you put your mind to!

Get Organized

Commit to finding tools to help yourself stay organized and productive. If you're constantly losing your keys or everyday items, your cortisol levels could be contributing to getting off task later. Skip the stress. Purchase a Cube Tracker, the Bluetooth tracker that helps find everyday items quickly.

Create an exercise routine

Your physical health is key and very important if you want to look and feel great about yourself. When exercising, endorphins are released throughout your body that trigger positive feelings. So whether it’s once or a few times a week, building up an exercise routine is a highly recommended step to kickstart your best self.

Be kind to yourself and others around you

In order to do this, you must have a positive mindset for yourself and a positive support team backing your efforts of improving.  Spreading kindness helps us build our qualities within- and often, the act of showing random acts of kindness will make others feel good about themselves, too. What an improvement in itself!


Cut the negativity out of your life

It might be your mindset or people in your life; whatever it is, let the negativity go. This negativity in your life can prevent you from moving on and becoming a better person.

Drop your bad habits

Quitting just one bad habit will not only help you feel better about yourself, but it could also be beneficial to many aspects of your life. Sleeping in late, unhealthy eating, smoking, are all deterrents from being your best physically and professionally.

...and replace it with a good one

Consider showing up early for commitments, drinking more water each day, or managing your time better. By developing improved habits, we can improve the quality of our lives on multiple spectrums.  

Read a book

Books are a great source of wisdom and motivation. Whether you use books to simply get away from reality or to learn more about various topics, books are a great source of gaining more intellectual knowledge and can be great mental and emotional simulation.

Find a mentor

Pick a successful person- and model yourself after them. Positive influences are very helpful when it comes to bettering yourself. Whether it’s a celebrity or someone in your sphere of influence, having a role model or mentor can help you better yourself in various aspects of your life.

Get out of your comfort zone

Remember this; you can only improve if you're being challenged! Self-improvement won’t come overnight- and it definitely won’t be easy. Once you decide to get a little uncomfortable (such as offering to give a company-wide speech) you're on your way to bettering yourself.

Leilani Dauz