Tips for the Frequent Traveler

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When you’re on the road it can be easy to lose track of the simplest things. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, having everything you need is important. Here are some tips to make sure your must-have items never get left in the dust again!

Travel Light
There’s nothing worse than landing from a flight and realizing the airline lost your luggage. The best way to avoid this is to only bring carry-on bags, especially if you are going on a short trip! There are many surprisingly efficient carry-on size bags that can hold everything you need for your trip. Traveling with only carry-ons also means you no longer have to wait in line to check a bigger bag. Everything you need with be with you at all times so there will be no fear of lost luggage!

Skip the Lines
If you travel frequently, you can expect a number of lines for almost everything and you can never predict how long or short they will be. Get ahead and skip the lines! For frequent flyers, getting TSA Pre-Check is an absolute must. If you frequent the same brand for rental cars, hotels, etc., becoming a premium or rewards member will often allow you to bypass lines or receive other helpful perks!

Never Lose Track!
Going from place to place can sometimes get overwhelming and cause you to be a tad forgetful among all the movement. To avoid the added stress of reaching airport security and realizing you’ve misplaced your wallet, get yourself Cube Tracker. Cube Tracker will sync to the app on your phone and allow you to track whatever it’s connected to! Now you’ll no longer have to worry about forgetting a your keys or bags in a taxi or hotel room.

Need a Suit?
Professional attire can be difficult to travel with at times. You’re stuck either carrying a bulky garment bag or with it coming out of your suitcase wrinkled. There are now options for the professional on the go! Portable steamers are an easy way to keep your clothes pristine. With some smart packing, this item could easily fit into your carry on and you’ll never show up to a meeting looking less than perfectly put together!

Jessica Yochem