Waterproof Your Things for Water Sports this Summer

It’s a sunny day and the water looks smooth as glass- perfect for a boat ride or Kayak trip. Then you decide to take all of the worldly possessions that matter to you: your cell phone, iPad, keys, wallet, sunglasses and watch. You hit a big monstrous-foamy wave and scream with pure joy- but it always boils down to luck.

Are all of your things still aboard? Did they stay dry, and more importantly, do they still work?

Listed below is a list of useful items that were never to become destined to sink or get damaged by the water.  They’ll float, flicker, or just plain refuse to get water-damaged during you fun in the sun… and water play.

Cube Tracker

Not only is Cube Tracker waterproof, but it can help locate your wallet or your phone if you misplace it at the beach or marina.  When trying to remember all of the things to pack into the boat or Kayak, it is easy to leave things in the car or at the lunch table. Cube Tracker just gives you that extra piece of mind. Amazon, $24.95

Stanley LED 5 Watt- Flashlight

When something uses the tag line "Dip It, Drop It, Dunk It" it's all but inviting a flying kick off a dock — which I happily provided — in testing out this sturdy flashlight. True to form it still worked, even after five minutes floating with the light pointing up in a murky lake. It's fully submersible up to six feet (useful if you need to check your hull in the water) and the light also features an energy-efficient LED bulb and up to 10 hours of runtime. At several pounds, wish I hadn't been wearing flip-flops when I kicked it, though.

MSRP $59.99; found at most large home improvement stores

G-Form I Pad Sleeve:

With iPad sales hovering somewhere around 30 million to date, it's fair to assume that for many boaters it's their current favorite piece of technology. So you probably don't want to drop it from a height, or get it wet. Well, while that's still not the ideal, if you buckle your baby into a G-Form Extreme iPad Sleeve, you can do either – or both, if you're especially clumsy. The sleeve looks vaguely like a Spiderman muscle suit, is water resistant, and has been proven to protect an iPad from a 12-pound bowling ball and a 500-foot airplane drop. Even if it hits the deck from the top of your mega yacht, or it slipped when you were using it to read the manual while repairing your mast, chances are it'll still boot up. $59.99.

ICOM M24 (Float n’ Flash)

They have added a flashing light which means dropping this VHF overboard in the dark could be a lot less expensive, given that it's easier to retrieve. The M24

is smaller and lighter than the original M34, and the bright red light will flash when dropped in the water, even if the radio is turned off. $179; www.icomamerica.com/en/

Aqua box Smartphone Case:

Of all the things we most hate to see hitting the water, it's got to be our phones, as most of us carry our lives — not to mention our music, photos, and contacts — around in them these days. But the Aqua Box proudly came through and even my trusty helper, an overzealous three-year-old who took great pleasure in hurling it off the dock, multiple times, and then dragging it, bouncing along the tarmac, couldn't defeat it. The simple twist-and-lock box with a hard outer shell and a silicone membrane that goes over the screen, allows you to use your phone as normal, while still protecting it against water, sand, and dirt. Waterproof up to almost 20 feet, it works with iPhone, Droid and other touch-screen smartphones. Check their website for other phone compatibilities. $34.99; www.rammount.com/Products/AQUABOX/tabid/125/Default.aspx

Fishgillz Floating Sunglasses

The makers of these floating sunglasses estimate there are 689,797,468,322 pairs of sunglasses at the bottom of the ocean. While we think that might be a slight exaggeration, no doubt most boaters have offered up a pair, unwillingly, to the sea gods over the years. Boating and sunglasses go together like fish and water, so, in retrospect, the solution seems obvious. Make them float! Several companies, such as FishGillz, have cottoned on to this. Their lightweight, polarized, fade resistant glasses mean that if your shades come off when you're boating, surfing, water skiing, fishing, kayaking, or just cooling off, you'll have time to come back around and retrieve them. $49.99; www.fishgillz.com

All Purpose Dry Packs

Dry packs are so inexpensive now days that it is silly not to invest in a few. Put your keys and your wallet in them for some piece of mind.  They come in multiple fun colors and all sizes. You place your valuables inside and roll down the waterproof top and snap, so easy. There are also clear packs for maps or directions that you may want to follow.

3 pack of waterproof packs for $9.99 and clear packs for $10.19 www.target.com

Lory Costello-Neely