How To Be an Instagram Influencer

Itching to be an Instagram influencer? Social media and blogging have become such powerhouse industries - but what makes or breaks an influencer career is knowing where (and how) to start! With so much information saturating the internet, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what is needed to begin a successful career as a digital influencer. The first step is all about getting the right information and tools to create a strong brand for yourself.

Brand your blog.
Have a specific idea and audience in mind, figure out what you want your site and social feeds to look like, as well as what you want your blog to focus on. Don't be afraid to speak directly to your niche audience- this will prove more successful than trying to appeal to everyone and getting lost in the crowd. Cohesive color schemes, fonts, and organization of your website and feed are all major factors to making a successful blog. Use as little variation as possible, and remember; the more consistency, the better.

Get Your Photography On Point
No photo is complete without a little editing! We all know that there is satisfaction in finding that perfect lighting and brightness to make your picture pop in someone’s daily scroll. And if you're really creative and technologically savvy, you can create a custom filter for your photos that will help brand your aesthetic. If not, there's an app for that (or rather, many!) We love VSCO and the Flashes of Delight Pack on the Color Story app!

Find creative places for photos
Think outside the box! There are an unlimited number of photo opportunities in our world. There are definitely stereotypical "blogger spots" in most places, and while it's good to make use of those, getting creative with your photo locations and styling will help your content rise above. Whether you are traveling the world or being a tourist for a day in your hometown, there is beauty everywhere if you take the time to look for it!  

Get the right tools
So you've got your DSLR and iPhone- but who will take your photos when you're all alone? You might not have a friend or Instagram husband at your disposal, but you’ll never be without a photographer with Cube Tracker! Not only is this the best tool to find your lost items, but it also gives you the opportunity to take perfect pictures with its shutter button right on the side!  Just download the app on your phone, connect it to the Cube Tracker via bluetooth and snap away! 

Remember that the most important part of beginning any online presence is that it needs to be authentic! People will follow what you are passionate about and if you are being open about who you are. With your own creativity and these handy tips, you're ready to take the blogging world by storm!