Best Ways to Avoid Losing Your Everyday Items

Everyone can relate to being in a rush. Whether you’re running late for work, taking the kids to school, or just a night out, feeling rushed might make you feel panicked and stressed. And to make that stress worse- you can sometimes forget important items or become even more frustrated wasting time to look for them. Losing things can be sometimes unavoidable, but there are easy tips and tricks you can try to help you keep track of your things!

Reminder Notes

Post-Its are a great way to see little messages and reminders throughout your day! Place them by your bed, in your bathroom, by the front door… the opportunities are limitless.

Bonus: You can use these notes for more than reminders! Add some motivational quotes and saying to get your day off to a  great start and set you up for success throughout your day!
Organize Early!

Many times when we leave the house and forget the most basic items, it’s because we are in such a rush that we completely forget or we don’t have time to remember where we misplaced our things.. A simple way to avoid this issue is to have a specific place for the important things and to actually try to make sure the items are placed there daily. Throwing keys and wallets on an empty counter might seem like no big deal at the time, but it creates stress and chaos later. But setting aside simple compartments or areas is a fun and easy way to make sure nothing is left behind!

Pack the Night Before


Whether you’re traveling far or just leaving your house for a day, there’s always that dreaded feeling of forgetting something once you leave. This is 100% avoidable if you take the right steps the night before! Making sure you have everything as ready as possible for the next day/trip before you go to bed is a major key. Doing this can help you can avoid all the stress of rushing to make sure you have everything 10 minutes before you’re out of the door. Put it all together and lay out only what you’ll need to get ready.

Make a List 

The ultimate hack is the simple checklist. Checklists can be beneficial in many different situations. Lists are the most basic way to write out exactly what you need and also give you a visual (and satisfying!) ability to cross them off once you’ve completed everything. They can be used in a variety of ways, from packing and planning to grocery shopping!

Keep a Routine

Keeping yourself on a regular schedule can also help you to stay organized! If you feel chaotic, then that will reflect in your everyday life- which can include frequently  losing things like your wallet and phone. Trying to keep your life- at least during the week- on a regular schedule will help you to feel more organized in preparing for each day and ensure you are thinking ahead to what you need for each day.

Get Cube Tracker

Take extra precaution! If you are prone to losing your phone, keys, purse, etc., then Cube Tracker will definitely be a huge help for you! Cube Tracker is a Bluetooth tracker that works with your phone to track whatever the keychain is attached to or vice versa. With one click of the Cube Tracker or one click on your phone through the app, you will be able to find the location of your item in a matter of minutes. So even if you forget to pre-organize, you’ll be able to search for your items a little more quickly!