Apps we're loving right now

Co-written by Melissa Colombo

Our smartphones are everything to us in this day and age- that's nothing new. But as they evolve, the cliché is proving true- there's an app for everything. Whether you want to edit photos, catch a ride, or even need a way to keep track of your possessions, #theresanappforthat! Scrolling thorough the App Store or Google Play store can be a little overwhelming, so check out our top list of apps that you need! Here are 5 apps we're loving at the moment.

A photo editing app favorited by bloggers everywhere! This app has a number of editing tools, filters, effects and more. No matter what your Instagram aesthetic is, you're sure to fine-tune any photo to fit your feed perfectly.

Venmo is a modern going-out necessity!  This app makes it so easy when out with friends to be able to easily split and share money for bills. With this app, there are no more IOU’s or awkwardness- just a few taps and you can send or receive cash in seconds.

It's hard to imagine what life was like before Uber. This easy-to-use app allows you to search for a car to take you wherever you need to go. When going out with friends or even just grabbing a ride to work or the airport, this app is a major lifesaver! 

The Daily Horoscope
Astrology has grown in popularity over the last few decades. This handy app shows you a daily message for your particular horoscope- and you'll be amazed by how spot-on the messages can be sometimes! 

The Cube Tracker App

Saving the best for last! If you're someone who regularly misplaces items (ahem, all of us.), you'll need to download the official Cube Tracker app! See all the items you have a Cube attached to and easily locate them within minutes!

Do you use these apps or have any other faves? Follow us on Instagram (another great app!) @cubetracker and comment on our last pic to share!