6 Reasons Cube Tracker Beats The Competition

We get it. You’re tired of spending too much time searching for your keys, phone, or other belongings. Somehow, keys have the magical power to disappear at the most stressful time of the day. In short, you’re ready for a Bluetooth tracker. But where to start? It’s no secret; there are other Bluetooth tracking devices on the market- some with tear jerking commercials that are (admittedly) pretty well-done. But does it stand up in a face-to-face? Here are 6 reasons Cube Tracker beats the competition every time!

Its battery is unparalleled.

With a unique one year battery life, you can lose your keys and ping them as many times as you need without worrying about it dying on you- especially in the most precious of key-searching moments. And while that’s great news in itself, there’s another plus to Cube; once you reach the end of battery life, you can actually change the battery, rather than saying goodbye to your tracking device altogether. Just replace the old CR2032 battery with a new, and you’re good to go. No gimmicks to buy a new tracker here.

It goes the distance.

The Cube Tracker app’s map shows you the location where your item was last seen- once you’re there, your item will be within 100 feet. Even better news? The new Cube Pro (available this March!) can reach up to 200 feet! With its 200 feet capacity, Cube is able to be tracked further than all other tracking devices on the market.

It’s waterproof.

It doesn't matter if you lost your item indoor or outdoor- water won’t be a destroying factor either. Have you heard of any other waterproof key tracking devices? Cube is the first one to thrive even in the rain.

It’s got a killer warranty.

Is there anything worse than buying a product without warranty protection? Cube knows how stressful it is to to face technical problems- which is why our products are free from defect for up to one year. If, for any reason, a technical hiccup occurs before the one year of warranty is over, Cube will repair, replace, or refund your tracker. Problem solved!

You can use it to find your phone, too.

Know where your Cube Tracker is, but not your phone? No problem- this baby works in reverse, too! Simply press the button on your Cube Tracker to make your phone ring.

It takes your selfies for you.

Bloggers unite! We don’t limit ourselves to just finding your phone- we also help you use it the way you want. When the perfect #ootd strikes, The Cube Tracker doubles as a shutter button for the camera on your phone. Open up the Cube app, choose which unit you want to serve as the shutter for your selfie camera, select the camera icon, and snap away. Cube is the only tracking device with this exclusive feature.