6 Essentials For a Night Out

The weekend is finally coming up and you're planning a night out with your friends. What's better than food, cocktails, music, laughter, and dance moves? Before jumping in your Uber, consider all of the necessities that should be in your purse to make your night flawless. Who wants to realize that the life saving items are missing when it's too late? Here are our top 6 essentials for a successful night out with the gals.


  • Cube Tracker: How many times have you endured a mild panic attack upon realizing your keys are not in the pocket you thought they were? You flip through your bag inside out, run back and forth to the bathroom to make sure you did not leave it there, and interrupt everyone in your company to help you find your keys. Intro Cube Tracker. Just attach to your keys and ping them from wherever the night takes you. (Amazon.com, 24.95)



  • Mints: After the garlic bread and those mojitos, your strawberry breath is long gone. No need to hold conversations feet apart while music is blasting out loud; take another mint and let your voice be heard. (Your Uber rating my also thank you!)



  • Hair Tie: Although you spent hours fixing your hair, it may look more like you just came out of the gym than had cocktails. Eventually, your arms will get tired of holding your mane above your shoulders on the dance floor. Simple solution: always carry an extra hair tie for you and your squad. Not only will your hair be in place, but your Instagram pictures will look much more appealing. Just do us a favor and keep it in your bag- or you'll forever be trying to Photoshop it out of the night's almost perfect Instagram shots!



  • Adhesive bandages: Let's be real; the likelihood of you getting some sort of blister is high. It's better to stay prepared than not- take care of your feet when they seem to give up on you and your party mood. Put the bandage on (even if you don't think you need it yet) and you'll be ready to go for a few more hours.



  • Flat Shoes: At some point, your feet simply need a break! How many times have you ended up taking off your heels in fury? Trust us- the streets are dirty, and no one wants to walk home barefoot. Always bring some roll up flat shoes. We love Rollasoles, which fit in any crossbody or clutch, right next to your Cube Tracker.



  • Don’t Forget your Girls: Perhaps the important part to remember is your girls. Stay safe in one another's company, and make sure no one gets left behind. Once your Snapchat story is filled with new memories and you're ready to call it a night, double check that everyone is on their way home safety in a cab or an Uber- and never walk home alone.


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