5 Ways To Keep Your Pups Safe

Today is like any other day.  Driving home in the nose-to-nose traffic, dodging the gas guzzling SUV’s—listening to way too many Spotify songs pumping through the subpar speakers in this car that never seems closer to being paid off. The only thing that makes it all worth it is that fuzzy little face that greets you when you get home, and the anticipation of the garage opening cannot happen swiftly enough.

While walking through the kitchen door, reality sets in. Frantically rushing from room to room calling for your beloved, furry best friend with no response. She's missing.

This is an all too common pet owner dilemma.  Here are five safety tips for your furry best friend- helping to keep them safe, sound and found:

1) Make Sure Your Home is Dog-Proof

Examine your home and yard from your pup’s point of view. Then, place everything out of reach and behind securely closed doors. Make sure that your yard is fully enclosed. Your dog can dig under a fence or jump over it—especially if she sees a squirrel. Baby and child-safety techniques and products work for dogs too. Keep your dog in a crate while she's unsupervised.

2) Never Leave Your Pup Unattended

Even in mild weather or in the shade, the inside of a car can reach a deadly temperature in a matter of minutes. Rolling down the windows provides an escape opportunity. In the summer they can overheat and dogs can literally freeze to death in the winter. Avoid the temptation to tie up your dog outside while you run into a store. Your pup can be taken by a pet thief or traumatized by a bully.

3) Planning for Emergencies

With all of the natural disasters happening today, this one is important. Include your pets in your disaster plan and never leave them behind. Don't forget your dog when you are preparing a will. If you pass away or become ill or incapacitated, your pup still requires love and care. Choose a responsible, willing guardian and make it legal.  

4) Buy a Safety Reflective Collar

This one may sound simple, but putting a reflector collar on your furry friend just may help save her life.  If she happens to get out at night this helps cars see her.

5) Attach a Cube Tracker to Her Collar

In this technological age, it is important to take advantage of these modern devices. Why would you skip this step? Get a handy Bluetooth tracker and attach it to your fur baby's collar ASAP.  If she gets out of the house or gets separated from you, put this device to work. Just grab your phone or keychain and start the hunt for your furry best friend. Finding her right away keeps her safe and gives you that much more piece of mind.