5 Things to Always Pack When Traveling

Most people would agree that traveling is an amazing experience! There are so many ways and places to travel and gain life experiences that might not have been possible before. No matter where you're traveling, there are always the big questions - what to bring and learn, where to go, what the best traveling supplies are... the list goes on! Having a great experience traveling is all in the preparation.

But don't get overwhelmed- we've got you covered!
Check out our list of the 5 most important things to bring and do when going abroad:

1. Belt Bag

One of the most fear while abroad is the fear of being pick-pocketed. This can be a danger in any country that you are unfamiliar with and the most discreet way to avoid this is to carry important documents and money on your body. Now these aren't the 1980’s fanny packs you might be thinking of- there are many brands that offer flat, subtle designs that fit right under your clothes. Always be confident that you’ll have your documents, money, and tech organized and easily accessible!

2. Outlet Converter

Outlets are not the same in every country, which many people don't realize until it's too late. Never be left without power and make sure to do your research ahead of time to prepare yourself!  Always be aware of where you are traveling and what that countries outlets look like. Some chargers come with multiple outlet heads- this is ideal, especially if you will be traveling to multiple countries in a trip! 

3. Translation Apps

Traveling can present many difficulties, but one of the biggest obstacles for most is the language barrier between nearly every country. There are so many advancements now in translation technology that can help you easily navigate wherever you wander! Make yourself look like a native by using apps like Duolingo to familiarize yourself with the native language of the country and learn common key phrases. Having Google Translate always ready to go on your phone is also a great idea! And when in doubt, bring a language dictionary just in case! 

4. Emergency Money

You never want to be without a small emergency fund, and it's always better to be smart and safe than sorry! Having some tangible money from both the country you are visiting and American money is always important for emergency situations, but exchanges can sometimes be difficult or inconvenient. Be prepared for all situations! Having your credit/debit cards is great for extended purposes, but travelers checks are also smart to carry for emergencies! 

5. Cube Tracker

From bags to phone to carry ons, there are so many things you need to keep track of while traveling! Cube Tracker is the perfect solution! Download the app to your phone and attach the Cube Tracker to your valuable personal items (keys, purse, suitcase, carry-on... the list goes on) and never have to worry about losing them, no matter where your travels take you!

Bonus Tip: You can even use your Cube Tracker to find your phone!